Monday, 28 October 2013

That day without my Lumia 820.

Like other peoples, I too love a smartphone and I love to use it. But I don't have until April 14 2013, after that I got Lumia 820 in Reimagin8tion contest, conducted by Microsoft.
First day, after I switched it on after 8 hours of charge(i.e. April 15), I started sending messages to my close friends first as everyone would love to do that. Then I installed some interesting applications adding to that, I also installed one of my application which I developed for Windows Phone platform, felt really great as being a owner of Smartphone.

Application called "Weave - Windows Phone news reader application" which I installed in my Lumia 820. After that, I used to read news about Windows Phone, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and all other stuffs daily. That one hour travel between my house and college, was being useful for my daily life with the help of this application and I explored myself more on Technology and this Weave become my favorite application.

Mobiles phones are banned inside my college but even though I used too take it daily. One day(September 23rd) my Lumia 820 was caught by the sir at last period. I was holding him till he starts his bike from college, to return my mobile but unfortunately he did not give. By the way, it was locked with passcode - happy on the other side.
That day, while going to home I missed Weave badly. Everyday I use Weave and look upon eagerly to find some interesting news about new things in Windows Phone, fight between Microsoft & Google, new innovations, technologies etc.
I missed, 
  • Weave
  • WatsApp chatting
  • Listening to my favorite music's while going to bed
  • Games
  • Facebook
  • Important Mails
  • Calls and messages
everything, I missed all these a lot on that day.
Next day, I was asking him for my mobile for a whole day from morning and finally I got it at 4.00pm on that day(Sep 24th) with about 20 notifications that includes 3 missed calls, 6 mails, 4 WatsApp chats, 7 fb notifications in between Weave was filled with about 99+ feeds.
Started reading all the news, each and everyone which I missed the day before.
 I love Windows Phone especially my Lumia 820, to the core.
Picture of my Lumia 820(white)

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